20/26” 24-Speed Cargo Bike
Product description


  • L-type reinforced cargo carrier frame, Cr-Moly steel, pulse welded
  • TF-7506 Cr-Moly steel, with disc brake bracket
  • Specific steering rod provides accurate steering on the front wheel





Our product line ranges from various cargo bikes, folding & electric bikes to specific bike wheel sets. --- MIT CYCLE SOURCING LTD.



Product specifications


>> Frame tube: 35mm, S/T: 29.4x31.8mm, C/S: 22.2mm, S/S: 19mm,
>> RC:435mm, forged ends, with disc brake bracket
>> TF-7506 Cr-Moly steel, with disc brake bracket
>> A4081B 36Hx100x108mm alloy QR
>> A4087B 36Hx135x145mm alloy QR for 8-speed
>> DC-17 double wall, ED black F:20”x14Gx36H, R:26”x14Gx36H
>> IA-2000 F: 20”x2.125”, R: 26”x2.125”BK/BSK 60TPI, F/V tube 

  • Net weight : 25.0 KGS
  • Max. cargo loading: 80 KGS
  • Package size: 188*60*68cm (LxWxH)
  • Carrier size: 67*46cm (LxW)
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