26”24- Speed Cargo Bike
Product description

* Oversized frame tubes, front cargo carrier attachable
* Extremely solid front carrier, with 6 tabs easier to attach elastic cord hooks for heavy cargo carriage
* Foldable steering stem/handlebar
* High performance with disc brake

Product specifications

>> Shimano ACERA full gear system for 3*8 speed
>> SRAM BB5 mechanical system disc brake
>> DC-17 F: 20“x36H R:26"x14Gx40H, alloy CNC sidewall
>> F/H: A1016B R/H: A-3027B-4 sealed bearing hubs
>> IA-2067 20"x1.75“+ 26"x1.75" BK/BSK 60TPI F/V TUBE

  • Net weight : 20.2 KGS
  • Max. cargo loading: 70 KGS
  • Package size: 145x24x65cm (L*W*H)
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